Indian Affairs

ts rural economies and the underlying Federal water resource project. H. Bureau of Indian Affairs The BIA provides services to nearly 2 million American Indians and Alaska 

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                               ring magnet    EVEN day watering. – Press [+] or [ENTER] • Selecting an alternate choice or squeezing clear will delete the past determination. 9 10 • Press the [RAIN DELAY] catch to consequently defer watering for 24 hours. • If a more extended Rain Delay is wanted, press the [+             – ] catches to increment or lessening the setting. • Press [ENTER] or hold up 10 seconds and the chose downpour defer will start. • [CLEAR] catch stops the downpour postponement and planned watering will continue. • At the finish of the chose downpour postpone measure of time, programmed watering resumes. • While in downpour defer mode, the clock show will switch between the real time and the rest of the hours of the deferral, at regular intervals. Water Budgeting Water Budgeting is a basic method to alter your watering length to coordinate

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                               magnetic ring    Press the [ ] to choose a station and press the [+             – ] catches to enter the watering length for that station. • Press [ENTER] or the [ ] catches to move to the following station            valve, and enter watering length for each station. 4. How Often • Turn the dial to [HOW OFTEN] – this screen enables you to set how frequently to water. There are 3 alternatives given: 1. Days of the week (Mon, Tues, Wed, and so forth.) 2. Interims (Every “X” number of days) 3. Odd or Even Days Please note that [START TIME] is the hour of day that your customized watering begins. You can set up to 4 beginning occasions at each program on the off chance that you need to 

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